As the CEO of HR Partners, it is my privilege to welcome you to our firm, to our philosophy, and to
a unique, more personalized style of service
in the area of Executive Search and HR consulting.

I founded this firm based on the belief that Executive Search and Selection should be an exclusive interaction, a one-on-one relationship that produces a close, long-term cooperation. In this way, we develop a degree of intimacy that goes beyond typical HR processes and leads to an intuitive sense for the special talent that befits upper-level management.

Working with the understanding that a manager is more than the sum of data on a CV, our evaluation process takes a humanistic approach to executive selection. We'll sit down and discuss your plans, your challenges, and where you want to take your business or your career. In short, we'll focus on the future, and on successes yet to be achieved.

Thank you for your interest in HR Partners. We look forward to meeting with you, listening to you, and finding tailor-made ways to achieve your professional goals – together.

Philippe Riboton