Intimacy and exclusivity

Specializing in executive search for a select number of clients allows us to approach each assignment with a high level of commitment and an emphasis on individuality. By establishing exclusive partnerships with an elite clientele, we can afford the time to truly listen, which leads to more insightful evaluations and accurate assessments.

Rather than the mechanical, fill-in-the-blanks interaction that is common in "faceless" multinational firms, we are dedicated to developing an organic relationship with every client, one that grows and changes dynamically with each stage of our cooperation.

In addition to this uniquely intimate and exclusive approach to both firms and individuals, our focus on the future means that our mutual goal will be a series of successes in a dedicated, long-term relationship.

What this means for your company:
  • Close personal proximity in the service experience
  • Intuitive understanding of where you want to take your business
  • In-depth knowledge of your operations and culture
  • Accurate assessment of your management needs
  • Specialized solutions and innovative hiring strategies

What this means for your career:
  • Emphasis on your potential, not your past
  • Focus on your professional goals as much as accomplishments
  • Assessment of you as a human being, not "human capital"
  • Determining your strengths from more than hard skills
  • 3D opportunities – mobility that is not simply lateral or vertical