An instinct for leaders

HR Partners is committed to helping you solve the core challenge facing any organization – finding the special talent to support your management and enhance your operations.

You will immediately recognize the one-on-one exclusivity we bring to each assignment, a unique approach that extends from research and assessment to placement and follow-up. We know that management must evolve as a business evolves, therefore our team pays close attention to your feedback and continually strives to facilitate a smooth integration.

We have a firm grasp of the demands facing businesses in a global economy, which is why a high percentage of our assignments involve cross-border search that extends from our in-depth knowledge of the region. Our solid reputation in the markets of the New Europe and excellent personal contacts allow us to take a direct approach to upper-level managers, who value our intelligence, integrity and sense for confidentiality.

Ours is a true partnership: your success is our success, and we will earn your trust through the intimacy of our approach and the results of our collaboration. By gaining a deep understanding of your culture and goals, we will recruit the type of leaders that will bring a competitive advantage to your business.