Fully integrated talent management services

To compliment its Executive Search activities, HR Partners offers a complete suite of innovative, flexible and effective HR Consulting services. Our approach emphasizes a dynamic interaction of close personal proximity, which aims for value-added assessments as the result of our cooperation.

Pre-merger & post-merger evaluation

Assessing the prevailing atmosphere and minimizing anxiety during this delicate period is crucial for any firm undergoing transitions in ownership or management. Our responsibilities will center on identifying expectations on both sides of the transaction, and ameliorating any incompatibilities or resistance within the emerging environment.

Aspects of our services:
  • Identification of resources and competencies.
  • Assessment of motivation and capabilities.
  • Estimation of compatibility with the new management structure.
  • Recognition and resolution of potential integration problems.
  • Facilitating lines of communication.

Other, more subtle functions of our interaction will be to create positive expectations within the organization. By making key members of staff aware of their potential as agents – as opposed to merely the subjects – of change, we create a sense of empowerment and self-worth in the individual. This ultimately translates into a motivational environment wherein each member of staff believes himself to be, and thus becomes, a productive asset.


Whether we're providing a potential investor with cross-cultural assistance in a new market, or helping a team establish a foothold in a new work environment, our expert input will facilitate smooth transitions and minimize lag-time. Our coaching process can not only prepare professionals for new assignments, but can also help these professionals adjust to responsibilities and difficulties they may later encounter within a new corporate dynamic.

A main goal of our cooperation will be to create and improve the channels of communication necessary to support your company culture and to optimize efficiency by making staff comfortable and productive in their roles.


Our exclusive, one-on-one cooperation is especially well-suited to finding solutions to intra-organizational conflicts. Like a "marriage counselor in the workplace", our emphasis on listening and sharing will help achieve resolutions that respect the values and needs of all parties involved. The ability to read between the lines, and the intuitive insight provided by close personal proximity gives us an unmatched ability to understand individual motives and anticipate triggers.

HR Partners also provides other services that our clients have found beneficial to their firm's development, including:
  • Personnel audits.
  • Management evaluations.
  • Employee satisfaction polls.
  • Outplacement.

We strive to bring an uncommon level of intimacy, integrity and discretion to all these areas of HR Consulting. Our success in this commitment is evidenced in the long-term relationships we have established with numerous top-level companies, and our growing popularity in the sector due to return business and referrals from satisfied clients.