We go where you go

Based in Prague, the Czech Republic, HR Partners specializes in filling upper-level management positions throughout Europe, with a focus on the growing markets of the New Europe:
the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey and Kazakhstan
among others.

Our team carries out assignments based on a "borderless search" approach, which means that wherever your operations are based, wherever the position is located, we will utilize our expertise and resources to find the perfect professional from anywhere in the New Europe.

In keeping with our commitment to exclusivity and intimacy, ours is a one company/one client approach. We do not work with affiliates, branches, or subcontractors, but rather from a centralized head office, from which we can expand into new territories with you.

Like a close friend, we will accompany you where you want to go throughout the region, maintaining a reliable line of communication and a consistent quality of cooperation. Our operations will be as mobile as yours, guaranteeing that there will never be a need to re-establish relationships or to worry about the continuity of knowledge.